Wellness and sports: in Romagna between spas and cycling

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Two protagonists share the stage of this itinerary: the spa, a promise of unforgettable moments away from everyday stress, and the bicycle with the right amount of exercise and wind-swept hair that accompany it.

Set in Romagna, the plot is about the pursuit of wellness. Are you ready to take part in this 48-hour feature film? Lights, camera, action!

  • Length
    48 hours
  • Interests
    Spa & Wellness
  • Target
  • First stop - Santarcangelo di Romagna Santarcangelo di Romagna

    If this itinerary were a film, the opening scene would be set in Rimini, the starting (and ending) point of this journey that blends the fitness that cycling provides and the healing properties of thermal water.

    The first day is dedicated to the cycling tour that leads to Valmarecchia, once the seigneury of the Malatesta family. You will ride in the northern part of the province of Rimini, along a challenging path that is sure to please any cycling enthusiast who is not afraid to face the occasional harsh slope.

    Taking the route for Santa Giustina, your first stop is Santarcangelo di Romagna, a village with a high standard of living where you can catch your breath in the shadow of the fifteenth century Malatesta fortress.

  • Second stop - Poggio Torriana Poggio Torriana

    From here, you continue towards Torriana, also known at the “Balcony of Romagna”, perched atop a rock spur where you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Adriatic coast.

    But beware: the last part of the ascent is nicknamed Strappacuore [Heartbreaker]: two kilometres worth of an 18% incline, in other words the litmus test for bicycle fanatics.

    Moreover, in the olden days it used to be called Scorticata [the Scraper] due to the roughness of the rock spur on which the Torriana fortress is built, which is almost completely devoid of vegetation.

  • Third stop - Verucchio Verucchio

    As you move along, you will cycle in the Valle del Marecchia, along the river that flows into the sea near ​​Rimini. About fifteen kilometres separate Torriana from your third stop, Verucchio, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and the cradle of the Malatesta family.

    Construction of the Rocca del Sasso began in the thirteenth century by the dynasty’s founder, Malatesta da Verucchio, also known as the “Mastin Vecchio” [Old Mastiff]. Dante even mentions him in his Divine Comedy.

    The final part of this tour includes a stop abroad! It leads you up to San Marino, the oldest republic in Europe that has maintained its independence for more than 1,700 years. 

    Legend has it that San Marino was founded on Mount Titano, the highest of the seven hills on which the Republic stands, on 3 September 301 A.D. by Marino, a stonecutter who had come from Dalmatia to escape Christian persecution.

    Its unconquerable capital preserves its ancient structure with three concentric defensive walls, built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, and three turrets which ensured the sighting of and protection from enemies.

    Leaving San Marino, it's time to face a long and jagged descent towards Rimini, but there’s some good news! First things first, you did it! Having burnt a lot of calories, you deserve a dinner of handmade pasta and fresh fish! And secondly, tomorrow you’ll spend your day at the spa!

  • Fourth stop - Riccione Riccione

    Riccione Thermal Spa uses the natural water sources rich in sulphur, iodine, magnesium, bromine and sodium chloride. They are beneficial for treating various pathologies, detoxifying and purifying the body and, especially considering the physical endeavour that you’ve just been through, they have an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect on articular tissues and cartilages and encourage neuromuscular relaxation.

    The Oasi Spa multi-sensory journey, along with mud treatments, therapies and massages, promises what has already been anticipated in the title of this itinerary: wellness.

    Final scene: the sunset reflecting on the Adriatic Sea. And, cut! That’s a wrap.

Last update 25/07/2023

Information offices

IAT Santarcangelo di Romagna
Via Cesare Battisti, 5 - Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)
+ 39 0541 624270 iat@comune.santarcangelo.rn.it Opening: all year round
IAT Verucchio
+ 39 0541 670222 ufficioiat@prolocoverucchio.it Opening: all year round
IAT Riccione
Piazzale Ceccarini, 11 - Riccione (RN)
+ 39 0541 426050 iat@comune.riccione.rn.it Opening: all year round

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