Safari Ravenna Zoological Park

In Ravenna, in front of Mirabilandia, a zoological park that helps protect animal welfare

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Located in front of the Mirabilandia amusement park, Safari Ravenna is the first “zero impact” wildlife park in Europe, designed with animal welfare in mind and for the preservation and repopulation of endangered species.

Open for visits even on rainy days, it is a great trip for families and for all those who want to something else, apart from going to the seaside, that is full of nature and fun.

Tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, camels and ostriches: through a 4-km long route on board your own vehicle – or in an electric car or on a train with guide provided by the park – you can observe the animals from a very close distance, without barriers or danger.

An area with fenced-in spaces, however, allows you to admire more common animals (such as cows, sheep, ponies or horses) but also more unusual species, such as baboons, lemurs, snakes and chimpanzees.

However, the park is, above all, an Educational Centre that aims to deepen the relationship between humans and animals and to raise awareness among adults and children so they can learn to have greater respect for the environment and the animal world.


Last update 24/05/2021

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