Riccione Terme

Thermal waters affording a rare combination of therapeutic minerals, just a stone's throw from the sea

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In Riccione, everything revolves around the sea, including the spa. The Riccione Terme spa is a stone’s throw from the beach, not far from the town centre of one of Emilia-Romagna Riviera's liveliest seaside resorts, which has made wellness and entertainment its forte.

Nestled in the greenery of the pine forest and open all year round, Riccione Terme lets you restore and regenerate the body with thermal waters whilst offering you the chance to take part in a wide range of activities in the area: take a dip in the pools at the nearby water and wellness park, Perle d’Acqua Park, unwind in a thermal water pool with massaging water jets at Spiaggia 49, located opposite the facility, or stroll along the famous Viale Ceccarini.

At the spa facility, guests can experience the healing effects of thermal water under the supervision of specialist doctors, and indulge in deep relaxation with the treatments at the Oasi Spa wellness centre. All this is complemented with a wide selection of hotels offering all-inclusive prices and special spa discounts, where you can stay for the duration of your wellness getaway in Riccione.

Thermal waters

What makes Riccione Terme so unique is the water used in the thermal water therapies and treatments, which contains a mixture of elements that are hard to come by naturally. Issuing from the Beato Alessio springs in the Riccione countryside, this water is described as being sodium chloride, iodide, bromide and magnesium-rich sulphur water, and has a long-standing history with the town.

The therapeutic properties of Riccione's waters were talked of as far back as Roman times: it is thought they were used in the first century BC to alleviate discomfort in horses’ legs.

Ever since it first opened its doors in the 1980s, the Riccione Terme has continued to make the most of the town’s waters and their health benefits for children and adults alike. Today, the centre is one of the leading spas in the treatment of a range of different conditions affecting the airways, skin, bones and muscles, as well as hearing disorders.

Oasis Spa wellness centre

The wellness centre is the ideal place to recharge your batteries and restore physical well-being. Riccione Terme offers 1,500 square metres of regenerative, restorative experiences using thermal water and mud: the Oasis Spa provides beauty treatments for the face, body and hair, aromatic, drainage and anti-stress massages, and water aerobics.

But there's more. The Percorso Termale Sensoriale experience, located at the heart of the spa, will take you on a journey into relaxation through thermal water pools with massaging water jets, the sensory water therapy system to reactivate blood circulation in the legs, the chromotherapy showers and other experience circuits to promote all-round wellness.

Perle d’Acqua Park

The wellness park of Riccione Terme is open all summer and is ready to welcome you with the 7 Rainbow Waterfalls with vertical whirlpools, a large swimming pool of 800 square meters where you can take aquafitness courses, the revitalizing hydro-courses in thermal water that are longer than Europa (140 meters!) And 27 fan-shaped jets of water to massage and reactivate circulation.

An Easy Spa in the open air with Beauty Self Treatment to make your own pleasure and in complete freedom. For children, a play area with a large colorful castle, where they can have fun in complete safety. Umbrellas and sunbeds available and many fresh and tantalizing proposals in the refreshment bar.

Pet area dedicated to four-legged friends.


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