Cervia, la spiaggia ama il libro e Ferragosto con gli autori

Meetings with the authors of the latest literary hits, beach landing and mid-August talk show

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The 31st edition of the cultural event "Cervia, the beach loves the book" kicks off on 10th July.

A crossroads of thoughts and emotions consisting of meetings with authors, journalists and writers, a literary container where the written text becomes a spoken book.

On 15th August, the landing of the writers from vintage boats and the great mid-August talk show with important personalities from the world of literature, journalism and entertainment, on the beach in front of the Grand Hotel in Cervia, conclude the cycle of meetings with the authors of the successes of the last literary season.

Entrance Bagno Italia no. 211 to watch the landing.

In the event of bad weather, the meetings will be held at the Ascom offices.


  • Lungomare Deledda, 9 - Cervia
10 July - 15 August 2023
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Information offices

IAT Cervia
Via Evangelisti 4 Cervia (RA)
telephone:+ 39 0544 974400 + 39 0544 977194 iatcervia@cerviaturismo.it Opening: Annual
UIT Milano Marittima
Piazzale Napoli 30 Cervia (RA)
telephone:+ 39 0544 993435 + 39 0544 993226 iatmilanomarittima@cerviaturismo.it Opening: Seasonal

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