From June to July seven appointments with the theater in Gatteo

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  • Place
    Arena del Castello - Gatteo
  • Events
    Opera, theatre and dance
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    Art & Culture

In the historic center of Gatteo, in the courtyard of the Malatesta Castle, seven summer appointments with the theater not to be missed: Elsinore.

This exceptional event represents a combination of tradition and contemporaneity that unites artists from complementary worlds, able to intersperse the courtly word with the playful one, the sung one with the recited one.

The scheduled performances feature renowned artists, including Vito, Maria Amelia Monti, Camillo Grassi, Denis Campidelli, Massimo Polidoro, Teresa Cinque, and Roberto.

⇢ Programme on: www.visitgatteomare.it


  • Arena del Castello
    Centro storico - Gatteo (Gatteo)
13 June - 25 July 2024
  • Full ticket : € 16,00
  • Reduced ticket : € 8,00

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Gatteo Mare
Piazza della Libertà, 10 - Gatteo (FC)
+ 39 0547 86083 + 39 0547 85393 iat@comune.gatteo.fc.it Opening: all year round

Last update 31/05/2024

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