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Traditional recipes that let you take a piece of Emilia-Romagna with you wherever you go

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There’s no better way to get to know a region than by exploring the local cuisine and dishes. Emilia-Romagna's culinary tradition is no exception.

Lavish and meat-based, our regional dishes are proudly rooted in their local area and have strong ties to rural traditions.

Rather than regional cuisine, Emilia-Romagna’s cuisine should really be thought of as a constellation of cuisines, as every city and town showcases traditional dishes that are reinterpreted in a different way from one place to the next.

There are dishes for every day, traditional dishes and those made for special occasions, where everyone sits around the table to celebrate the joy of simply being together.

Most of these dishes are based on fresh egg pasta, as stuffed pasta or other shapes, or hand-rolled like in the olden days, giving rise to tagliatelle, lasagna, tortelli, cappellacci, passatelli and anolini, served in a tasty, rich meat ragù sauce or in a delicious meat broth.

Then there’s pork meat, the most prized ingredient of all and an essential component of Emilia-Romagna cuisine, which can be found in virtually all recipes, even in bread dough, as is the case of the region's traditional piadina flatbread. Each area of the region has its own specific culinary characteristics and succeeds in granting taste experiences like no other.

We’ve put together an extensive list of recipes from our region that we’re delighted to share with you, so that you can take some of this magic home with you. Volunteered by locals who were just as keen as us to share their culinary wisdom with you, all these recipes are ready to use to give your family and friends the experience of a little piece of our much-loved Emilia-Romagna.

Traditional recipes

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