FICO Eataly World Bologna

Discover and sample Italy's finest food and wine at this agricultural food park in Bologna

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Located just a few miles from the city centre of Bologna, FICO Eataly World, the only theme park in the world dedicated to Italian food and which brings food and wine culture, nature and entertainment together under one roof. 

FICO informs visitors about Food Valley and the excellence of our culinary heritage through a multisensory experience that winds through 30 attractions and multimedia rides, 7 themed areas, 26 restaurants and kiosks, food factories, courses and much more.

Known simply as FICO (which stands for Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, i.e. Italian farming production), the park covers 10 hectares comprising an outdoor area designated for crops and livestock, in addition to eight hectares of covered premises housing restaurants, shops and factories where products are made.

Once you've made it to FICO, which you can get to by bus or by special shuttle bus from the centre, you will step into a stimulating and diverse space where you can enjoy the ‘Made in Italy’ experience in a variety of ways depending on where your interests lie.

Starting from outside, in the 20,000 m² of fields and stables, adults and children alike can wander around and see some of Italy's major crops − grapevines, olive trees, citrus trees, grains to name a few − and Italy's main breeds of livestock, including donkeys, goats, cows and rabbits.

As you leave the farmland behind you and enter the park, so begins your journey into Italy's agricultural and food delicacies, which you will also have many an opportunity to try. 

FICO’s covered premises are home to a number of manufacturers and consortia, some with on-view workshops where you can watch producers at work, and many places for refreshment − street food stands, restaurants, pizzerias and bistrots − where you can try traditional dishes of Italian cuisine made using the raw materials produced and processed on site.

By exploring the spaces inside FICO, you will learn how products of Italy's food and wine culture are made, as told by the experts of the craft themselves. This is a journey into the world of quality produce, spanning PGI Mortadella Bologna, home-made ice cream, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, rice, olive oil, wine, and much more.

In addition to the factories and restaurants, FICO also features multimedia amusement rides which explore the relationship between humankind and nature in an interactive way.

A large portion of this agriculture and food centre also includes shops and a market, located just in front of the exit, where you can fill your basket with an array of delicacies displayed on the shelves.

Lastly, if you want to find out more about a particular subject or to put yourself to the test by trying your hand at new recipes, why not take part in one of the tasting, cooking or entertainment events that are held inside the centre. 

FICO has thought of something to keep little visitors entertained too, and arranges special educational activities for different age groups that can also be done as a class activity.


Last update 12/03/2024

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