Fidenza and the Verdi's places

From Roncole Verdi to Fidenza, passing through Verdi's town par excellence: Busseto

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Giuseppe Verdi fascinates not only music lovers but also visitors who are eager to know something about the personality of the Maestro, one of the most prominent characters of the 19th century artistic scene.  

Verdi's places are immersed in the Bassa Parmense and, not far from them, an important place to add to the visit is Fidenza, the ancient Borgo San Donnino. 

  • Length
    48 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - Roncole Verdi Busseto

    Verdi's places are in the heart of the lowland area near the river Po starting from Roncole, where one can see the Birthplace of the Maestro, in the past a modest home and today a museum.  

    Other places worth visiting are the church of San Michele where Verdi was baptized and Guareschi’s house where the family of the well-known writer lived. 

  • Second stop - Busseto Busseto

    Verdi's town par excellence is Busseto, whose central square is named after the composer, Piazza Verdi, surrounded by quaint old-world shops, historical buildings and the 13th century fortress, now housing the Town Hall and the Verdi Theatre dedicated to Verdi. 

    In Casa Barezzi all the rooms and furnishings speak about the Maestro and give information about his artistic training and career, considering that the enthusiastic Antonio Barezzi had encouraged the talent of the young artist, who later married his daughter Margherita. 

    In Busseto, a visit dedicated to  musical theme can also continue at the Renata Tebaldi Museum, to a fascinating multimedia journey on the heritage of Italian melodrama.

  • Third stop - Fidenza Fidenza

    In the village, in the past Borgo San Donnino and an important stop along the Via Francigena, let's start the visit in Piazza Grandi, where we find the Medieval Tower, dated to the second half of the 1300s. 

    Behind it we find the beautiful Cathedral dedicated to the Martyr Donnino, whose façade is attributed to the master Benedetto Antelami.  

    The next point of interest, a 10 minute walk away, is Piazza Verdi overlooked by the Theater Magnani, a historic theater built to a design by Maria Luigia's architect, Nicola Bettoli, also the designer of the Teatro Regio of Parma, which began in 1813, the year that Maestro Giuseppe Verdi was born. A few steps away, we find the Palazzo Comunale in Piazza Garibaldi.

Last update 30/10/2023

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Busseto
Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 10 - Busseto (PR)
+ 39 0524 92487 Opening: all year round
IAT R Fidenza Casa Cremonini
Piazza Duomo - Fidenza (PR)
+ 39 0524 83377 Opening: all year round

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