On the trail of Giovanni Pascoli

An itinerary from the birthplace of the poet to the sea

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An  itinerary from the land to the sea, to discover the enchanting places that inspired the poet Giovanni Pascoli.  San Mauro Pascoli is located between the rivers Uso, Fiumicino-Rubicone, the Via Emilia and the sea, and it is the hometown of the famous poet, the place where he was born and spent his childhood.

The long history of the town of San Mauro is also linked to the poet by its name, modified in his honor from San Mauro to San Mauro Pascoli in 1932 by a Royal Decree.

  • Length
    24 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - Casa Pascoli Museum San Mauro Pascoli

    Our itinerary starts right from the heart of the town, with the eigthteenth-century municipal building. Opposite the Town Hall is the former church of San Sebastiano, a tiny building dating back to the 18th century, originally serving as a church-oratory for the nearby convent of the Orsoline. Now completely restored, it is used as an exhibition hall by the Pascolian Academy (normally closed to the public, it opens for events and exhibitions).
    You continue the walk to the chapel of the Madonna dell’Acqua, a church with more than one hundred year old origins, which today houses two tombstones dedicated to the Fallen. A few steps away you find the Casa Pascoli Museum, a national monument since 1924. Here the poet Giovanni Pascoli was born on 31 December 1855.

    His poetry was born right here, in the memory of a happy period, in memory of a carefree childhood, abruptly shattered by a shot that killed his father Ruggero on 10 August 1867.

    Inside, in addition to the kitchen, you can see the study in which rare editions of some of his works and numerous autograph letters sent to his friends are kept, enclosed in display cases, and the bedroom, with the very old wooden cradle. 
    Outside, a beautiful garden with some of the plants mentioned by the poet in his poems and in the center of the garden, on a limestone plinth, the bronze bust dedicated to the poet. 

  • Second stop - Villa Torlonia San Mauro Pascoli

    Our itinerary continues towards Villa Torlonia just 2 Km from the center of town. From XVIII  to the mid-XIX, the Torlonia princes founded here one of the most beautiful agricultural estates in Romagna and still today you can see the imposing structures of that beautiful farm, called "La Torre". Here, the poet's father, Ruggero Pascoli,  administered the possessions of Prince Alessandro Torlonia.

    And now the moment has come for you to visit the new multimedia museum. The cellars of the Tower have been transformed into multi-sensorial settings in which sounds, words and images envelop all the senses.

  • Third stop - San Mauro Mare San Mauro Mare

    Just 7 km from the town, you can reach very easily San Mauro Mare, also developed after the war.  The charming seaside resort  is immersed in the green countryside of Pascoli, close to the mouth of the historical Rubicone river. 

    Here it is finally time to indulge in a little relaxation at the table. Let yourself be conquered by the delicious blue fish of the Adriatic, the tasty grilled meats and by the typical products of the Rubicone valley starting from the vegetables of the "Orto del pascoli",  all accompanied by the legendary piadina romagnola and by a good and generous wine such as Sangiovese.

    Here, you can spend a few hours on the beach, for a nice regenerating swim in summer or a walk in the rest of the year. The blue sea and the shallow water make the beach of San Mauro Mare an ideal place for children, who can play in total safety.
    Along the path that runs along the beach, you can admire the two permanent exhibitions, "i giochi di una volta" on the Pascoli promenade and the photographic exhibition "12 passi indietro” on  the Vincenzi promenade, a real dive into the past.

  • Fourth stop - Don Ivo Rossi Park San Mauro Mare

    A few steps from the beach, you can relax in the majestic Don Ivo Rossi park, a green lung that extends for 20,000 square meters, full of paths suitable for children and adults. It hosts a multitude of plants with medium and high shrubs, from mulberry trees to cypress poplars, from locust trees to the famous tamarisks praised by the illustrious poet.

    For children there is an area equipped with the most modern wooden games and, when the season allows, you can have a snack or a picnic in the shade of large poplars.

    Thanks to the pet-friendly vocation of the country, do not miss also, on the north side of the large park, the walking area "Amici di Guli" which takes its name from the inseparable 4-legged friend of the poet, next to which stands the church of Santa Maria Goretti. On summer Mondays, the weekly market is held here. 

  • Fifth stop - Stefano Campana Park San Mauro Mare

    Finally, you come to Stefano Campana Park, with its 2,500 square meters, where a piece of history of our identity stands, the permanent exhibition in homage to the architect Stefano Campana: bronze boats, oil drawings and watercolors are just some of the works on display, designed to metaphorically retrace the artistic paths of the architect of San Mauro Mare. At the entrance of the park you can admire the bust of Giovanni Pascoli and the rock with an engraved poem, "i puffini dell'Adriatico", one of his works taken from Myricae/memories collection. 

    In the summer evenings the Arcobaleno Arena inside the park comes alive with music and shows, thanks to the rich calendar of AmareSanMauro.

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