Romagna on the road: a camper journey through villages and natural beauty

A suggested 72-hour itinerary through the beauty of the Romagna countryside

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The travel options in a camper are almost endless and, in the splendid Romagna region as well, it is possible to explore these to your heart’s content thanks to the numerous rest areas and options for overnighting surrounded by nature. An experience to be lived to the fullest in order to enjoy every moment of the journey.

Discover the beauty of Romagna in a camper: from the Adriatic coast to the Apennine valleys, a journey through nature, culture and tradition

Camping is not only a passion, but a real, living culture. For anyone who loves holidays free from constraints and limits, this means of transport guarantees absolute freedom, allowing you to build a holiday made for you, mile by mile.

The options for camper travel are countless and this includes Romagna, where the numerous rest areas that the territory offers and the various possibilities to park up and sleep surrounded by nature make it possible to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - Comacchio Comacchio

    The journey starts in Comacchio, known as “Little Venice”, a small village capable of enchanting you with its suggestive atmospheres and breathtaking panoramas. You can park your camper in the car park of the town’s Coop, a stone’s throw from the Trepponti. If you need services for your vehicle, however, we recommend one of the many state-of-the-art camp sites in any of the nearby Lidos.

    From the Ponte degli Sbirri, you can enjoy the most spectacular view of the entire area: on one side the Antico Ospedale degli Infermi, which houses the Museo Archeologico Delta Antico, and on the other, the famous Trepponti, without a doubt Comacchio’s most famous landmark.

    The Museum is home to a wealth of local archaeological finds, including the precious cargo of the Roman ship of Comacchio, a kind of “submerged Pompeii”, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the globalised world of the Roman Empire.

    Time for a lunch of eel, the true queen of the Comacchio valley, before “skipping” over to the Manifattura dei Marinati, a former eel marinating factory, perfectly restored and back in operation, where it is possible to visit the “Sala dei fuochi” with its 12 fire places.

    To end the day in style, there is nothing better than an excursion into the valley to admire the wonderful colours of the setting sun reflected in the waters there.

  • Second stop - Cervia Cervia

    From one salt pan to another - Comacchio to Cervia. Located on the way into the city, the Salina di Cervia, its salt pan, will draw you in with its history and the naturalistic fascination of the salt basins and the fauna that live there, including herons, black-winged stilts and its enchanting pink flamingoes.

    We heartily recommend joining one of the guided tours, either on foot, in an electric boat or on the picturesque train. In the afternoon, an essential stop is a visit to the charming historic centre of Cervia, to admire the majestic Torre S. Michele, symbol of the city, as well as the characteristic Magazzini del Sale.

    The Torre is also home to the MUSA,the Museo del Sale or salt museum, which recounts the traditions and history of the local community. Then, end the day with a peaceful walk along the Cervia canal port, possibly accompanied by a refreshing aperitif: the perfect epilogue to an unforgettable day.

    The closest really convenient camper stops are a few miles away: in the Terme area or nearby Milano Marittima, with its town centre full of restaurants and shops, perfect for a pleasant stroll.

  • Third stop - San Leo San Leo

    Positioned on an imposing rocky mass and surrounded by inaccessible landscapes, the village of San Leo dominates the Val Marecchia, standing proud inland of the Republic of San Marino and Rimini’s Riviera.

    Listed as one of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”, San Leo is an unmissable place to visit for its imposing fortress overlooking a dramatic precipice, and for its charming historic centre, characterised by it ancient Romanesque buildings.

    As you walk through the streets of the town, you breathe in the very story of its illustrious characters, as San Leo has welcomed prominent figures from Dante to Saint Frances of Assisi; the latter received the Monte della Verna as a gift.

    In its immediate vicinity, there is a convenient parking area for campers, a ten-minute walk from the old town centre, although a shuttle service allows you to explore this authentic gem of the Romagna region in complete ease.

Last update 25/05/2024

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