Biking along the Via Romagna through the Rimini countryside

A permanent cycling route

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A permanent cycling route, 462 km long altogether, crossing Romagna from north to south; this is the Via Romagna which, starting from Comacchio, reaches San Giovanni Marignano.

So let's get on our bikes and ride a short stretch of this beautiful route (just over 44 kilometres), passing by beautiful medieval villages, basilicas, museums and historical monuments

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    24 hours
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  • First stage - Rimini Rimini

    Let's start in Rimini, the capital of coastal fun, a reference point for thousands of holidaymakers every year with a provincial area stretching from the Adriatic Sea to the rolling hills of the Apennines. 

    Its art treasures include unique masterpieces ranging from the Roman period to the Renaissance. How, then, can we not but take a photo of the Bridge of Tiberius, one of the symbols of the city for the past 2000 years? Built in the time of Augustus and made entirely of Istrian stone, the Bridge of Tiberius is one of the most remarkable Roman bridges still surviving today. 

    Or how can we fail to make a visit to the archaeological site of the 'Surgeon's Domus' with its exceptional surgical-pharmaceutical instruments, which has come down to us intact from the Roman era?

    For cinema lovers, but not only, a visit to Castel Sismondo is a must. The castle is home to the brand new Fellini Museum, a memory-lane facility dedicated to the genius of Federico Fellini, who was born in Rimini in 1920.

  • Second stage - Verucchio Verucchio

    After this dive into the beauties of Rimini, we get back on our bikes and, after about ten kilometres, reach Santarcangelo di Romagna, a charming medieval town with a strong Romagna identity. Here noble palaces alternate with village houses, alleys and small squares just waiting to be discovered. 

    Continuing inland, the splendid Rocca Malatestiana of Verucchio comes into view. The town itself borders on the Republic of San Marino. 

    Birthplace of the Malatesta family, Verucchio is located in the splendid landscape of the Marecchia River Valley. The fortress, also known as "del Sasso", stands imposingly on a rocky spur dominating the town and is one of the best preserved Malatesta fortifications. It can be visited in its entirety and is definitely worth it.

  • Third stage - Coriano Coriano

    Back on our bikes and following the cycling path that winds its way around Mount Titano to the east, we descend into the Conca Valley, which also once belonged to the Malatesta Seigneury.

    We head towards Montescudo, a town nestling among hills planted with vineyards and olive groves, built on a ridge dividing the Rimini plain from the Apennine mountain foothills. Its strategic position, which dominates the entire area, has made Montescudo the scene of many battles, including during the Second World War. 

    We now return to the coast through the countryside of Coriano, a town of ancient origins, dominated by numerous peoples including the Umbrians, Etruscans and Romans. 

    We are, however, also in the heart of the so-called Motorbike riders’ Land (Link) and Coriano is in fact home to the Marco Simoncelli Museum, a museum gallery that tells the story of the champion and his life outside of racing. 

  • Fourth stage - Riccione Riccione

    The call of the sea is ever stronger and after a few kilometres we enter Riccione, the Green Pearl of the Adriatic. One of the most famous seaside resorts on the Adriatic, Riccione is also a fashion-conscious, trendy and elegant town. 

    Let's walk down Viale Ceccarini, the town’s main shopping street, wandering among the numerous boutiques and, why not, sipping an aperitif, before moving on to the splendid beaches where we can enjoy an evocative and always fascinating sunset over the sea.

Last update 28/12/2021

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