Terme della Salvarola

Sassuolo is home to a large health and beauty complex, where treatments make use of local products

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Housed inside an elegant Liberty-style building dating back to 1910 and open all year round, the Terme della Salvarola is set in vast parkland surrounded by the lush-green hills of Sassuolo, 22 kilometres from Modena.

The benefits of Sassuolo’s hot springs were renowned as early as Medieval times: legend has it that even the likes of Matilda of Canossa would visit the town to benefit from the water’s therapeutic properties. It wasn’t until the nineteenth century, however, that the current spa was built.

Hailed as “divine” by Giambattista Moreali, a distinguished doctor from Sassuolo, today these waters are used to treat a variety of joint conditions and respiratory and skin disorders and to restore the body's wellness through the beauty treatments provided at the nearby Balnea spa.

Thermal waters

The Salvarola facility offers thermal mud treatments using three different types of water, each recommended to treat a specific condition: magnesium and bicarbonate-rich sulphur water, sodium-chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water and sulphur water.

More specifically, the treatments available at the Terme della Salvarola provide relief for respiratory tract conditions such as colds, joint and bone pain, skin disorders and gynaecological conditions. To ensure it provides all-round care for body health, the spa complex features both a health centre and a rehabilitation centre.

The Balnea spa and beauty centre

Alongside the thermal water treatments, the Sassuolo facility also comprises 2,300 square metres of space specially for relaxation and to restore the body's natural beauty.

This is the Balnea wellness centre, just a stone’s throw from the main facility, where guests are pampered and transported to a world of pure wellness through an array of therapies, treatments and rituals.

Inside, the centre boasts three magnesium-rich sulphur water pools at different temperatures with massaging water jets and fountains to counteract cellulite; a steam bath and sauna to detoxify the body; four gyms and a vascular therapy system to boost blood circulation with the use of hot and cold water.

After body wellness, next comes beauty: the operative word at the Terme della Salvarola's sensory beauty centre. This space offers a vast series of beauty and cosmetic experiences to meet a wide range of needs for all ages and can also be enjoyed as a couple.

Some of the more unusual treatments available at the centre include vinotherapy, which uses fresh grapes and grape derivatives to treat and rejuvenate the epidermis; treatments using local products from Modena, such as organic cherry to delay signs of ageing on the skin, and Modena balsamic vinegar; and lastly an array of different massages to choose from, such as the Californian massage, Lomi-Lomi candle massage and Ayurveda massage, to experience a sense of pure peace and harmony.


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