Terme di Riolo

Experience spring muds and three types of thermal waters in the hills between Imola and Faenza

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Although the Riolo Terme spa was established in 1877, the benefits of the area’s thermal waters were known of as far back as the Renaissance period

Before the spa was opened, this small village in the hills between Imola and Faenza welcomed distinguished guests including Pellegrino Artusi, Giosuè Carducci, even Lord Byron and the Bonaparte family, all drawn by the famed healing power of Riolo’s springs.

Today, the Terme di Riolo is a thermal bath complex set in magnificent, century-old parkland and also has two hotels, promising a truly relaxing getaway: the four-star Grand Hotel Terme and the three-star Hotel Villa delle Fonti.

In this stunning setting, the therapeutic power of water and mud forms the basis of the wellness treatments for adults and children alike. The facility specialises in the treatment and prevention of respiratory tract and ear disorders in children, who can benefit from the thermal baths and join in the activities and games specially designed for them.

Thermal waters and mud

The Terme di Riolo's main attraction has to be the water, which comes in three types known as Breta, Margherita and Vittoria, and the spring mud.

Extracted from different springs in the area, the mineral properties of Riolo’s waters is what make them so unique
For instance, the Breta water is sulphur, alkaline and earthy water that is rich in bicarbonate and sulphate, and is extracted from an underground aquifer in the Gypsum Vein of Romagna Regional Park mountain range. The composition of this water makes it effective at treating conditions of the digestive tract, and metabolic and genitourinary system disorders.

The Margherita water is more suitable for treating conditions of the digestive tract, owing to its high sodium chloride, bromide and iodide content, whilst the Vittoria water, which is rich in magnesium and sodium chloride, can also be used to treat genitourinary system disorders.

When it comes to mud, the Riolo Terme mud comes top in the region: this is the only mud that flows up from little conical holes in the earth, known as mud domes, and naturally mixes with the sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water. Unlike other mud, the mud used at the Terme di Riolo is naturally loaded with therapeutic substances.

Wellness centre

The perfect place to experience all the healing power of this mud is at the Riolo spa’s wellness centre. Inside, you will find a myriad of areas specially designed to help maintain and improve psychophysical health in a relaxing, enjoyable way.

The Thermarium provides a full-scale wellness experience comprising a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, a storm shower, experience showers, a relaxation area with a herbal tea station and wellness indicator.

The pools filled with sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water varies between 32°C and 34°C in temperature and are a cure-all to tone the body, boasting over 40 massaging water jets. The wellness centre also features a vascular therapy system to stimulate peripheral circulation and the arch of the foot.

Other services include the facial and body treatments (lymphatic drainage, massages with essential oils, antioxidant massage using grape polyphenols, etc.) available at the beauty centre, the centre for natural remedies from Eastern medicine with the use of medicinal herbs, and an outdoor solarium.


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