Wine, food and golf in Emilia-Romagna

A holiday steeped in golf and delicious regional cuisine

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Emilia-Romagna is renowned for having the greatest number of PDO and PGI products of any region in Italy. There truly is something for everyone, from cold cuts and cheeses to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Take advantage of the area to enjoy a holiday playing golf and tasting typical local products. Be sure to visit the museums dedicated to various foods.

Golf and good food in Romagna

For those in search of a golfing holiday in Romagna, we recommend choosing from amongst six golf courses in the area (Adriatic Golf Club Cervia, Rimini-Verucchio Golf Club, Rivieragolf, Argenta Golf Club, Oasi di Magliano “I Fiordalisi”,  Golf Club “Le Cicogne”), then cool down after your day of sport with a taste of the local specialities.

Have tea with Romagna nectarines and a cheese platter with Formaggio di Fossa from Sogliano, typical of Rimini, or a lovely piadina wrap with squacquerone cheese from one of the kiosks dotted throughout Romagna.

Two of the area’s food museums not to be missed are Casa Artusi, dedicated to the father of Italian cuisine, Pellegrino Artusi, and the Museo del Sale di Cervia, to discover why the salt here is called sweet.

Less than 50 km from Bologna, Argenta Golf Club, Golf Club A. Fava Cento, Cus Ferrara Golf, Golf Club Ca’ Laura in Ferrara offer the chance to try delicious dishes like pumpkin cappellacci pasta, risotto with green asparagus from Altedo, or a slice of Salama da sugo pork sausage.

Golf and good food in and around Bologna

A golfing holiday in the five clubs near Bologna (Golf Club Bologna, Casalunga Golf & Resort, Golf Club Monteveglio, Golf Club Le Fonti, Golf Club Molino del Pero) gives you the chance to visit the Regional Enoteca of Emilia-Romagna in Dozza, where you can sip regional wines like Pignoletto, paired with snacks like mortadella. Close to the centre of Bologna is FICO Eataly World, the world’s largest food-themed park.

Golf and good food in Emilia

PGI and PDO products abound in Emilia more than in any other part of the region. Divided into the provinces of Modena, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza, golf lovers can enjoy ten courses (Croara Country Club, Golf Salsomaggiore Terme, Golf del Ducato, Reggio Emilia Golf, Matilde di Canossa Golf, San Valentino Golf Club, Golf Club Santo Stefano, Modena Golf & Country Club e Monte Cimone Golf Club), and countless traditional dishes.

A typical meat platter in Emilia contains cured pork products like coppa and pancetta piacentina, Parma ham and coppa, Modena ham and much, much more.
Of course, there’s also Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and traditional balsamic vinegar, which you can learn about at the Parmigiano Reggiano Museum in Soragna and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Museum in Spilamberto.


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