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The town of Calendasco is situated at a kilometer of distance from the river Po, on the western side of Piacenza city.

Why visit it

The pilgrims who travel on the Via Francigena often pass through Calendasco. If they decide to use a ship to cross the river, their travel starts from Corte San'Andrea (in Lombardy) and they cross tthe other side in Soprarivo, which is in the Municipality of Calendasco.

When to go and what to see

Spring and autumn, when the tempetures are mild, are the best times to appreciate the Po surrounding areas. 

Don't miss

The remarkable attractions in the town are the church and the Castle(private and visible only from the outside). As St. Corrado Confalonieri was born here another important institution to visit is the Hospitale Romitorio of St. Corrado.

On the table

The presence of the river influences the dishes prepared in Calendasco, where you can often find fish.

Keeping fit

Running along the banks of the Po is a must! Two wheels are also suitable for longer journeys. 

Significant appointments

The fair dedicated to the Po river and fried fish takes place at the end of March.

In the surroundings

In addition to the pilgrimage routes that connect the inhabited center to the Sigerico's ford in Soprarivo, in the context of the Trebbia River Park, in the surroundings of Calendasco there is the center of Cotrebbia Vecchia, where Federico Barbarossa convened the Diets of Roncaglia. Following the bends of the Po, totally immersed in nature, it's possible to come across some typical "mistadelli", small chapels, which still represent places of worship for the local population.

Last update 09/04/2021

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