Castel Guelfo di Bologna

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Castel Guelfo is located in the Bologna flatland, a few km away from Castel San Pietro Terme (10km) and Imola (13km).

Why visit it

A medieval borgo wanted by Bologna, in a moment in history when Bologna the Guelph and Imola Ghibelline were fighting for the possession of this border area.
The historical center still reflects the late-medieval structure. The access to the triangular square is through walls and towers.

Don't miss

Walking along the main street are historical buildings, such as Malvezzi-Hercolani Palace, with a precious courtyard and double portico, and Cassero, the original gate to enter the town.

Towers and walls are what is left of the ancient castle that used to be the core of Castel Guelfo.

For shopping lovers, a few kilometers away from the town center is the Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets.

On the table

Traditional recipe of Castel Guelfo is “ciambella”, known for over 700 years in this area as brazadela, protagonist of “Sagra del Vino e della Ciambella”.

Keeping fit

The plain that surrounds Castel Guelfo invites to long walks among fields and channel banks. The new “Ciclopedonale dei Tigli” is a mile-long path for biking and walking even in the evening hours.

Significant appointments

On the last weekend of June "Sagra del Vino e della Ciambella" (Cake and Wine festival) enlivens the city with events and food stands. Do not miss out on the typical local delicacies.

Information offices

Information Office Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets
Via del Commercio, 4/Z - Castel Guelfo di Bologna (BO)
+ 39 0542 670765

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