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On the western side of the banks of the Trebbia river, a few kilometers from Piacenza.

Why visit it

It's an area rich in castles and its territory witnessed a lot of fighting in the past.

When to go and what to see

The best period to visit Gazzola is from spring to the end of autumn.

Don't miss

The castle that now houses the city hall and the church of St. Lorenzo deserves a visit.
Not to be missed: the statue of an elephant which welcomes visitors from Piacenza, here to commemorate the battle between Hannibal and the Roman soldiers in 218 b.C., during which Rome was defeated thanks to the surprise effect of elephants. 

Some private buildings here are worth seeing since they contribute, together with the many castles in this area, to characterizing the landscape of the province of Piacenza.

The area is part of the Gourmet Food and Wine Trail of ‘Colli Piacentini’. 

On the table

Piacenza cuisine expresses itself in the gastronomic and enological production in this territory between the river Trebbia and the Luretta stream.

Keeping fit

The Ciclovia del Trebbia (cycle path), that leads from Piacenza to the Rivalta castle, goes across the town.

It's also possible to play golf at the Croara Country Club.

In the surroundings

Rivalta with its Castle and St. Martino church, Croara Villa (private), Lisignano Castle (private), Momeliano Fortress (private), Rezzanello Castle (private), St. Savino Church and Monticello Castle (private).

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