Tizzano Val Parma

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This town is located in the Parma valley, southeast of Parma going towards the Parma Apennines.

Why visit it

Legend says that in ancient times a piece of burning coal was found in the foundation of the Tizzano castle, and this legend has given this old Medieval village its name and symbol. 

The Rocca was the property of the Da Correggio, Francesco Sforza, Farnese and Doria families and, severely damaged by the earthquake of 1834, is today in ruins, but partially recovered as a scenic space.

Don't miss

Not far from Tizzano Val Parma, in Musiara Superiore about 5 km away, we find the first big bench in the province of Parma: the giant bench BB#276, at 1084 meters on the Monte Caio massif, near the Schia ski resort.

Keeping fit

About 10 km from Tizzano, Schia is a prefered destination among many families with children. Here, children can have fun playing even without skis. There are many paths, surrounded by woods in a fascinating environment.

In the surroundings

Very close to the village the Roman Church of San Pietro in Costa.

A little further away Corniglio (a 18 km) and Neviano degli Arduini (22 km).

Last update 19/03/2023

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