Artevento Fest 2023 - 43rd International Kite Festival in Pinarella

Kites from all over the world gathering and flying over the beach in Pinarella

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As is the tradition, this great fair, which celebrates the relationship between the town of Cervia and the colourful world of fantastic kites, will come back to the Romagna Coast once again this year.

The best artists from 5 continents will find ideal conditions, with the steady breeze blowing from the sea towards the pinewood, for surprising the public with hundreds of kites of every shape and size. The public will be able to watch the show of acrobatic flights, dances and aerial battles, record breaking trials and much more, all with kites, whether they are fighting kites, flying ones, celluloid kites, acrobatic ones or gigantic “soft-kites” (3D kites without sticks).

Everyday will see free flying kites, workshops and labs, installations, exhibitions, and the traditional Wind Fair, a kite market with ethnic crafts and food.

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  • Viale Emilia - Cervia
21 April - 1 May 2023
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UIT Pinarella di Cervia
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