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Activities and attractions for the little ones from home in the Savio Valley

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The Savio Valley, a suggestive area, nestled between the Casentinesi Forest National Park and the nearby Adriatic Riviera, is also a place full of activities for the little ones in the family. Kingdom of imagination and outdoor activities, immersed in thermal wellness, history, culture, gastronomy and uncontaminated air: perfect places for a day or a weekend with children. 

If you want to further enrich your itinerary with children, we suggest you consult this link.

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - The Gnome Trail Bagno di Romagna

    Our itinerary with children starts from the small spa village of Bagno di Romagna which, in addition to spas and nature, offers many attractions to spend a weekend with the little ones from home. 

    Here we can start by visiting the Gnome Path: it is a circular route of about 2 kilometres, immersed in the woods and located a short distance from the historic center of the town. In the gnome village there is absolutely everything, even the post office, where children can leave their letter and make a wish in front of the well!

    It is a simple path that can be followed by everyone: a pair of comfortable shoes and a little imagination are enough to transform a simple trip into a magical experience. Many fun experiences are organized along the route for adults and children which can be booked directly through the dedicated website.

  • Second stop - Indian Park Bagno di Romagna

    We now move towards the beautiful naturalistic context of Lungo Lake : a short distance away we find the Indian Park, a theme park on the culture of Native Americans, where you can discover the hospitality of those who have chosen to live in a simple but original way.

  • Third stop - Adventure Park Cà di Gianni Bagno di Romagna

    We then move to the Fattoria Cà di Gianni, on the slopes of Monte Còmero: here lies the Adventure Park, a corner of uncontaminated nature which hosts 10 aerial courses, for a total of 120 games between one tree and another

    The Adventure Park routes are of increasing difficulty and offer everyone the opportunity to learn while having fun, experiencing the thrill of heights, always assisted by instructors who advise participants on the route to follow. 

    The park is open from April to November, but we always recommend checking the openings before going there.

  • Fourth stop - Ridracoli Dam and the Idro Ecomuseum Bagno di Romagna

    About 45 min. by car from the village of Bagno di Romagna you will find Lake Ridracoli: here we can visit the Ridracoli Dam and the Idro Ecomuseum

    At the majestic Ridracoli Dam, various activities suitable for children are offered: a boat trip on the lake, a canoe excursion with expert instructors, a walk or an e-bike ride on the splendid paths of the Park. 

    Don't miss a visit to the Idro Ecomuseo, entirely dedicated to water, with thematic rooms and interactive educational tools. A truly spectacular place, where it is also possible to stay for a few days of holiday immersed in nature.

  • Fifth stop - National Archaeological Museum of Sarsina Sarsina

    Let's now go to Sarsina, a historic center whose foundation dates back to Roman times.

    Here we find the National Archaeological Museum: throughout the year the museum organizes days dedicated to four-handed workshops for parents and children - for example on the second Sunday of October, on the occasion of Fa.Mu - Families at the Museum day - or dedicated days to historical re-enactment initiatives with figures dressed as ancient Romans and educational workshops (G.E.A. 17/18 June, European Archeology Days and G.E.P. 22/23 September, European Heritage Days). 

    This is the link to stay updated on the various dedicated proposals.

  • Sixth stop - Inside the book Mercato Saraceno

    From Sarsina we arrive in the nearby Mercato Saraceno with an event designed specifically for children and teenagers: Inside the book

    It is the unmissable literary festival that every two years, between the end of April and the beginning of May, involves children and young people with an extraordinary display of books, meetings, exhibitions, workshops and theatrical performances, in an extraordinary game of imagination and creativity.

  • Seventh stop - Villa Silvia Carducci Cesena

    Here we are at the last stage of our itinerary for children in the Savio Routes. Cesena, city of the Malatesta family, known for the magnificent Ancient Malatesta Library, also hosts many attractions for the little ones.

    Halfway between Cesena and Bertinoro, in the Cesena hamlet of Lizzano, stands Villa Silvia-Carducci. This large and refined eighteenth-century villa can be visited through a route that starts from the suggestive Talking Literary Garden that rises around the villa and continues in the bedroom, still intact, used by Giosuè Carducci

    The visit is accompanied by an audio commentary that provides news, information, anecdotes and musical pieces on the countess' life and her relationship with Carducci and other intellectuals. The villa is also home to the Musicalia Museum, a permanent exhibition of musical instruments of extraordinary interest, located in an entertaining itinerary along seven rooms which retrace the salient moments in the history of mechanical music: you can listen to the different mechanical musical instruments, from tiny music boxes to huge fairground organs, from violins and player pianos, to authentic, ancient robots. 

    An informative and very fun visit!

  • Eighth stop - Ecology Museum Cesena

    Let's now go to the heart of the Malatesta city, to Piazza del Popolo. 

    From here you can quickly reach the Ecology Museum, which presents an interesting collection of the main fauna species coming largely from the Savio Valley. The animals can be admired inside dioramas that reconstruct scenes of natural life and accompany the visitor on an evocative journey along the Savio river

    The fifteenth-century Venetian Loggia and the Nuti Tower complete the journey on the ground floor of the internal rooms, enhancing the museum also from a historical point of view.

  • Ninth stop - Malatestiana Library Cesena

    We still remain in the historic center of Cesena, reaching the Malatestiana Library in a few steps. Here we can follow the activities of the Children's Library

    In fact, inside the Library there is an area with numerous diversified activities depending on the age group they are aimed at: from collections, housed in four contiguous rooms, to reading or in-depth investigation, to studying, to workshops and to read-alouds which are scheduled by the library on a regular basis.

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