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Magic atmosphere of lights in the frame of the saltworkers' village

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The entire centre of Cervia is enlivened by warm lights that blend well with the characteristic colours of the town.

The lights of the shops blend with those of Christmas, offering an opportunity for entertainment and shopping immersed in the spectacular nature of Christmas.

Christmas in Cervia exalts traditions, with animated and salt nativity scenes, the nativity scene on the water on a historical "burchiella" (a small boat), markets with small houses offering the flavours and colours of handicrafts, an ice rink and attractions for the whole family.

At the centre of the eighteenth-century Piazza Garibaldi twinkles the bright Christmas tree, which this year was donated by Pinzolo-Madonna di Campiglio, thanks to the consolidated relations between the two towns.

As always, the spruce is part of the selective cutting that takes place in the context of reforestation and cultivation carried out with eco-sustainable criteria.

As always, children are the protagonists of Christmas in Cervia. The Elves' Garden is set up for them, next to the cathedral in Piazza Garibaldi. It awaits all children with storytellers, children's make-up, creative workshops, puppets, exhibitions and shows.

Finally, there will be the traditional Christmas Express, the little train that will connect Cervia to Milano Marittima.

The novelties of the 2021 edition

  • Circo Petit Cabaret 1924 with its shows in Piazza Garibaldi
    the great Ice Bubble in Piazza Pisacane which will host workshops and aperitifs
    Viale Roma illuminated with phrases dedicated to Grazia Deledda.

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  • Piazza Garibaldi - Cervia
  • Via Nazario Sauro - Cervia
4 December 2021 - January 9, 2022
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