Between Woods and Stones

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Look for adventures in the woods, paths and thousand-year old stones.
This itinerary offers 3 days of nature, breathtaking panoramas and fun on the Reggiano Apennines.
Get your water bottles and trekking shoes ready…We’re off!

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
    Nature & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop - Pietra di Bismantova Castelnovo ne' Monti

    The first day is spent exploring the Pietra di Bismantova [Bismantova Stone]. You must have already heard about it!

    The Reggiano Apennines is distinguished by its unique and isolated profile which, it seems, inspired Dante Alighieri when he described his Purgatory Mountain. It is a gigantic sample of residual erosion whose origins date back to approximately 15 million years ago.

    The Bismantova Stone nature path itinerary is marked by the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI) [the Italian Alpine Club]. It is spiral formed and takes 5 km to reach the top and come back down to the starting point. The CAI suggests going on this excursion early in the morning or later in the afternoon because the temperatures can get very high, especially in the summer.

    During this trekking excursion you should visit the Eremo di Bismantova [Hermitage of Bismantova]. This is a Benedictine monastery built right in the stone and it hosts frescoes of the 1400s, worth seeing, among which the image of the Madonna with Child by maestros from Emilia.

  • Second stop - Mount Cusna Villa Minozzo

    The second day is dedicated to trekking up Mount Cusna. It is the highest peak of the Reggiano Apennines and the second of the Northern Apennines, after Mount Cimone.

    There are many paths that reach the mountain and each one offers highly suggestive nature panoramas. Generally, it takes approximately 3 hours to reach the top. There is also a shorter path that starts at Passo Cisa, but for those who do not love walking, it is also possible to get on a chairlift at Febbio which takes you up to a good point from where you can then proceed to the top on foot, approximately 45 minutes.

    Mount Cusna is one of the more suggested destinations for those who love nature. In fact, this excursion is not limited to marked trails. You can also let yourself be embraced by the atmosphere of the Abetina Reale, a coniferous forest that extends to the east side of the mountain. It is characterised by ancient examples of silver firs and, we cannot forget, Prati di Sara, an infinite heath at the feet of the mountain, particularly impressive in the fall when the colour of the grass starts to turn a tone of bright gold.

    On the trekking excursion you must visit the Cascate del Lavacchiello [waterfalls]. The river Lavacchiello starts close to lake Caricatore in Prati di Sara and flows down the west side of the mountain, towards its tributary Valle del Torrente Ozola. The steep side of the mountain offers a series of spectacular waterfalls.

  • Third stop - Cerwood Cervarezza Terme

    The last day of this itinerary, in the woods and mountains, is dedicated to some wholesome fun in the middle of nature. In fact, you have to forget about yesterday’s tiresome trekking and allow yourself the chance to enjoy some adventure on the tips of centuries-old beech trees.

    Yes, that’s right! Cerwood, on the third day, is an adventure park in the Parco Nazionale dell’Apennino Tosco-Emiliano, with 27 different trails adapted for children, teenagers and adults who want to have fun walking while suspended in the air and smelling the aroma of the undergrowth, all in complete safety!

    And for those who are afraid of heights? Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait in the car for there are mountain bike and e-bike paths. Actually, 8 trails with different levels of difficulty, more than 35 km of paths and a more than 900 m difference in height with only one downhill route.

    Perfect. We’re off for an adventure in high altitude!

Last update 09/08/2023

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