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An unforgettable experience to discover our culture and take a break from everyday life.

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An itinerary in the Romagna area of Forlì dedicated to travelers who are looking for the combination of relaxation and culture; an opportunity to visit interesting places of art and culture, an unforgettable experience to make yourself at home and take a break from everyday life.

  • Length
    48 hours
  • Interests
    Spa & Wellness
  • Target
  • First stop - Terra del sole Terra del Sole

    A few kilometers from Forlì, on the road that leads to Castrocaro Terme, you can find Terra del Sole, also called “Eliopoli” (City of the Sun).

    Built by the will of Cosimo I De 'Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, in an attempt to create an "ideal fortified city", it is one of the few urban centers with a precise date of foundation: 8 December 1564.

    It still retains the charm of a city-fortress, surrounded by a 13 meter high wall, enclosing monumental buildings such as the Church of S. Reparata, the Palazzo dei Commissari or Pretorio, the Palazzo dei Provveditori, the Palazzo della Cancelleria and other manor palaces.

  • Second stop - Castrocaro Terme Castrocaro Terme

    Continuing on via Guglielmo Marconi, 2 kilometers from Terra del Sole, you reach Castrocaro Terme, a town immersed in an area rich in nature and history. A visit to the Fortress of Castrocaro is a must, one of the best examples of medieval fortified architecture, which houses the Historical Archaeological Museum of the town. Perfectly integrated with the environment that surrounds it, the fortress embraces the physiognomy of the cliff around which it was built.

    Here the Terme di Castrocaro offer health and wellness programs all year round, in an environment where time really seems to stand still, far from the frenzy of everyday life.

    For those in search of tranquility, a walk to the River Park is also ideal, a green area intersected by the Montone River. The park, which extends for about 3 km, is equipped with picnic areas, fountains and a fitness trail. The access point is located at the height of the bridge on Via Conti, right next to the spa.

  • Third stop - Rocca delle Caminate Meldola

    Passing from San Lorenzo in Noceto we continue towards Predappio and from here, taking the SP 126, we reach Rocca delle Caminate, built between the Rabbi and Bidente rivers, in a dominant position over the underlying valleys.

    Its watchtower is probably of Roman origins, while the castle dates back to the 10th or 11th century. A must-see of the Rocca is the panoramic terrace, from which it is possible to enjoy the breathtaking view of the valleys, as far as the Adriatic Sea riviera.

    The Rocca (a fortress) can be visited on weekends or by reservation (for groups). It is now a center of high university education, a location for events, conferences and historical re-enactments and it offers the possibility of guided tours to discover its history and its evolution over the centuries.

  • Fourth stop - Meldola Meldola

    Continuing along the road to Ravaldino in Monte for about 6 kilometers, you will come across another imposing fortress that dominates the area: the Rocca di Meldola, one of the largest in Romagna.

    The fortress has had a troubled history: passed from hand to hand several times, it was besieged and conquered by opposing factions, plundered and damaged by an earthquake.

    Curious people will also love the Silkworm Museum, in via Roma 3 / A, that testifies how in past centuries Meldola was at the top of world silk production, competing with China and Japan.

  • Fifth stop - Fratta Terme Fratta Terme

    A few kilometers away along the Strada della Barca the opportunities for relaxation continue: Fratta Terme offers the possibility to enjoy the magical atmosphere of its thermal baths

    Eleven springs for seven different waters that flow from the Thermal Park, wellness treatments and thermal paths for all ages and a thirteen-hectare park where you can stroll surrounded by greenery.

  • Sixth stop - Bertinoro Bertinoro

    Not far away (continuing towards Forlimpopoli, then taking Via Cellaimo), the itinerary finally ends in Bertinoro, a spectacular medieval hilltop village with a breathtaking view over the Romagna landscape, that's why it is called “Balcony of Romagna”.

    Going up from via del Soccorso and passing through the Porta del Soccorso you arrive at the majestic fortress (Rocca), built in the 10th century and considered one of the most feared defensive works of the time.

    Currently the fortress houses the University Residential Center and the Interreligious Museum, with its rooms dedicated to the history of the three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

    The real heart of Bertinoro, however, is the square Piazza della Libertà, overlooked by the Cathedral, Palazzo Ordelaffi, the current offices of the Municipality of Bertinoro, and the Clock Tower.

    In addition to its scenic and architectural beauties, the village is renowned for its wine production, so much so that it has been called the "city of wine". You absolutely have to stop in one of the many bistros or cellars you can find there, to taste a glass of excellent wine followed by a dish of our typical local cuisine.

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UIT Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole
Piazza G.Garibaldi 1 Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (FC)
telephone:+ 39 0543 766766 + 39 0543 766766
Pro Loco di Castrocaro Terme
Via della Fortezza 1 Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (FC)
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Piazza Aurelio Saffi 8 Forlì (FC)
telephone:+39 0543 712362 + 39 0543 712450
UIT Bertinoro
Piazza della Libertà 9 c Bertinoro (FC)
telephone:+ 39 0543 469213 + 39 0543 444486 Opening: Annual

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