The Liberty soul of Milano Marittima

Between the sea and pine forest on the trail of Art Nouveau

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A tour along the avenues of Milano Marittima, in search of the Art Nouveau villas, built between the sea and the pine forest, which marked the birth of the Garden City and which are still today icons of style and symbols of a resort conceived as an ideal holiday destination.

The painter and poster designer Giuseppe Palanti planned the urban planning project of Milano Marittima, taking inspiration from the theories of Ebenezer Howard, about the "Garden City", where the holiday residences had to blend perfectly with the surrounding nature.

Some of the villas that remain today are hotels or private houses that cannot be visited; however, their neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture can be admired from the outside.

A 3.5km flat day tour, accessible on foot or by bicycle, for those who love to immerse themselves in the charm of history and relive the atmosphere of Milano Marittima in the early 1900s.

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    24 hours
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Last update 14/11/2021

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