Snow Kiting in Emilia Romagna

All you need is a kite and a pair of skis or a snowboard to fly through the snow

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If you think you have already tried everything when it comes to sports, even the most extreme, perhaps you still have not ticked one off your long list – a sport as strange as it is fun. In the mountains of the Modenese Apennines, for some time now, the latest trend for thrill-seekers is snow kiting. What is snow kiting you might ask?

Attached to a large kite – which can be up to 15 square metres wide – with skis or a snowboard on your feet, you can climb up slopes and plough through stretches of snow while making enormous jumps and travelling at speeds up to 50-70 km per hour.

Naturally, the most suitable areas to do this sport are where it is most windy, and the upland plateau of Pian Cavallaro at 1,800 metres above sea level, just below Mount Cimone, is ideal for snow kiting as it is bombarded by strong gusts of wind throughout the winter.

Last update 09/12/2023

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