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Pinarella is a town in the municipality of Cervia, located south of the city and next to Tagliata. It lies on the Adriatic coast not far from Ravenna and Rimini (30 km).

Why visit it

Southern station of the Po Delta Park, Pinarella perfectly blends in with the surrounding pine forest which extends all the way to the seaside, the ideal landscape for beach and nature lovers in search of a laid back atmosphere.

The beach quality and services as well as a wide selection of family-oriented facilities has gained nationwide attention among pediatricians. For this reason the Green Flag has flown over the city since 2010, awarded to the most child-friendly beaches in Italy. 

When to go and what to see

During the summer Pinarella is the ideal destination for a beach holiday with the whole family: the outdoor shopping centre and the streets near the beach come alive with shops, clubs and evening events, while the pine forest on the coast is perfect to get out of the sun during a relaxing picnic, a break that the kids will surely appreciate thanks to the several playgrounds in the vicinity. For the more athletic visitors, exercise is easy thanks to the sports equipment available along the paths.

The beach is clean, safe and well-equipped for families with kids and young and athletic people alike, with numerous beach establishments to choose from to make each holiday unique.

Don't miss

The beach is enclosed in a green line, 25 hectares long, of pine woods, a must-see destination for people visiting the city, especially during spring and summer.

  • Cervia Garden City
    Amazing flower beds, turn-abouts and green corners are decorated with colorful blossoms in this outdoor flower exhibition taking place every year in Cervia, Pinarella, Milano Marittima and Tagliata, with the participation of renowned gardeners from all over Europe.
  • The Slow Park
    A park dedicated to children and to their natural rights of playing and exploring, divided into different thematic areas in each clearing of the pine wood. The senses are transformed in the many free to experience installations. Parabolic loudspeakers capturing every surrounding sound of the natural landscape and magical kaleidoscopes allow the pine wood to be discovered in a new and exciting way.

On the table

The local specialities are asparagus and sweet cardoons, particular for their tender texture and absence of a bitter aftertaste thanks to growing in the local sandy terrain.

The traditional fish meals are not to be missed, just like the Romagna cuisine that can be tasted in the many local restaurants.

The perfect street-food is Piadina that can be bought in kiosks during a walk in the city center or near the pine wood.

Having fun

Spending the day at the beach is the best way to relax and have fun with friends and family, in addition there are many fun opportunities during the day and the evening.

Taking a walk in the outdoor shopping centre is even more attractive during street markets or events that start from the late afternoon. Browsing and shopping are the perfect way to pass the time before taking a break in one of the clubs for an aperitivo.

A vast play area with park rides and inflatables is set up during summertime for the kids. Arcades, miniature golf and go karts are just a few of the many opportunities to have fun together.

It’s easy to travel inside the city without the car: there are many facilities that rent bikes and quadracycles, and in the evening the handy mini-train is available to comfortably reach Cervia and Tagliata.

Keeping fit

There are many areas to play beach volleyball, beach basketball, beach tennis, ping pong and much more in the many establishments along the coast.

The paths in the pine woods are great for jogging, bike riding and nordic walking. Physical activity is more invigorating thanks to the soothing fresh air of this “green lung”, and the sports equipment on the fitness trail makes it easy to exercise.

Significant appointments

  • Artevento - International Kite Festival 
    April - May
    A unique vision stands out in the sky of Pinarella during this colorful springtime event, where hundreds of different kites take flight maneuvered by the expert hands of professionals from all over the world. Cultural meetings, exhibits and events color every city corner, while creative workshops are ready to teach kids how to build their own kite.
  • Sunrise Concerts 
    The amazement of a new day slowly lighting up the sky complemented by the soft notes of a harp and wind instruments can be experienced on the beach of Pinarella in the establishments that take part in this event.
  • Pinarella Summer Social Time 
    Pinarella becomes the beach house of the web idols. The celebrities of YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok meet in a festival dedicated to the very young.

In the surroundings

A few kilometres away and well connected by cycling paths lies the city centre of Cervia, a fascinating seaside destination with curious monuments like St. Michael's Tower and the Salt Warehouses.

Cervia Saltpans are just around the corner: the Visitors Centre can be reached comfortably by crossing the Via Bova by way of the underground passage. Once there, it’s possible to book electric boat tours or visits to the crystallizing ponds.

People interested in Italian “borghi” can admire them in the hinterland. Places like Bertinoro, a balcony overlooking the entire Romagna coast, or Cesena, a city brimming with culture in which a visit to the Malatesta Fortress and Library are recommended.

There are many ideal activities for children even outside the city: the Dedalo labyrinth is a corn maze just a few kilometres away, and the nearby Mirabilandia as well as the Safari zoo next to it are unmissable stops, just as the other theme parks of the Riviera.

A short ride of just half an hour is what it takes to reach cultural highlights like Ravenna, the mosaic city, and Faenza, famous for its Unesco heritage ceramics.

Information offices

IAT Cervia
Via Evangelisti, 4 - Cervia (RA)
+ 39 0544 974400 + 39 0544 977194 Opening: all year round

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