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Tagliata, the Riviera of Pines, lies on the Adriatic coast. It is located in the Municipality of Cervia, next to Pinarella, just 27 kms from Ravenna and 26 kms from Rimini.

Why visit it

Relaxation, smiles, family, games and style make Tagliata a modern, friendly and well equipped tourist resort.

The beach is clean and safe and embraced by a perfectly cared for and maintained lush pine wood that offers a relaxing and enjoyable vacation to tourists.

When to go and what to see

Summer is the peak season for a vacation in Tagliata, to enjoy the sun, warmth, and beach life.

From dawn to sunset the city offers evening shows, street markets, events, playgrounds and many fun opportunities for everyone. Even in spring, autumn and winter there is no lack of entertainment, gastronomical and recreational activities.

Don't miss

The Slow Park: The children natural rights park. A space with nine thematic areas enriched by relational and recreational installations, to free the senses while playing and sharing.

The 24 hectare Tagliata pine wood is a green lung enclosed between the town and the beach. It’s the perfect place to get away from the heat of the beach or to take a walk and have a picnic in the dedicated areas.

The beach, after the beauty of a gentle sunrise, offers its guests, lulled by the waves of the sea, unforgettable days of events, games, good food and relaxation.

Cervia Saltpans, for an excursion by boat or on foot, is a place immersed in tranquility where you can admire the pink flamingos or a picture perfect sunset.

The gardens and flowerbeds of Cervia Città Giardino dress Tagliata in a gown of flowers of every shade and colour.

On the table

This town is famous for the sweet salt of Cervia Saltpans, it also offers restaurants, events and typical kiosks where one can taste freshly caught bluefish, the famous Cervia mussel, Piadina and typical Romagna cuisine, without forgetting a good glass of Sangiovese or Albana wine.

Having fun

Several initiatives organized by the local proloco are reflected in many fun opportunities. Beach activities, street markets, the outdoor cinema and the workshops, events and entertaiment for kids are just a few of the moments for relaxation and social life.

In addition the tourist train is always available during the summertime and offers a complete tour between the nearby cities of Pinarella and Cervia, while in winter celebrating Christmas and Epiphany together will be a delight.

Keeping fit

Tagliata is the perfect location for an active holiday.

During the coolest hours of the day the beach is ideal for jogging, taking a walk or yoga. The pine wood is perfect for Nordic Walking and training, to practice alone or by taking part in the Riviera dei Pini Proloco initiatives.

Significant appointments

Dates to enjoy 

  • The Epiphany Dive
    6th January
    The first dive of the year into the waters of the Adriatic Sea. About a hundred divers, dressed in costumes and masks, participate from various towns in Italy. Fun for this original event and tradition with the songs of the Pasqualotti.
  • Sprintkite 
    An event that comes to life on the beach of Tagliata, completely dedicated to acrobatic kites, with disciplines like Kite-Surfing, Jumping-Kite and Buggying.

In the surroundings

The territory surrounding Tagliata is rich in art and culture.

At a short distance: Pisignano (12 km) with its Santo Stefano Parish Church dating back to 977 BC, Cannuzzo (15 km) with the Madonna degli Angeli church and the river park, a cycle path connection between the Cervia coast and Cesena hills, and Castiglione di Cervia (12km) with San Lorenzo oratory and the Duke D’Altemps forest.

Continuing towards the hills: Cesena (18 km), the city of Malatesta, brimming with art and culture with places like the Malatesta Fortress and Library, Piazza del Popolo with the Masini fountain, San Giovanni Battista cathedral and Bonci Theatre. 

Forlì (36 km), an artistic university city, site of many exhibitions and a city centre that still preserves traces of the Roman era and Renaissance period.

Forlimpopoli (28 km), Artusi's hometown with Roman and medieval influences like the Albornoz Fortress, the town hall and home to the archaeological museum and the Church of the Servites placed in the main square.

Moreover, the amusement park Mirabilandia is nearby, at just 16 km away.

Information offices

IAT Cervia
Via Evangelisti, 4 - Cervia (RA)
+ 39 0544 974400 + 39 0544 977194 iatcervia@cerviaturismo.it Opening: all year round

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