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Among the nine beach towns scattered along the coastline of Ravenna, Marina di Ravenna is without any doubt the nearest one to the city centre, as well as one of the oldest ones, along with the nearby town of Porto Corsini.

Why visit it

Immersed in the green and flourishing coastal pine forest, and easily accessible by land or sea, Marina di Ravenna is a dynamic and trendy place, with pubs and beach establishments of every kind. The tourist and hospitality organisation boasts great experience and tradition, welcoming during the summer period ― from April to October ― families as well as a demanding young public.

If during the day the golden beaches surrounded by the green pine forest are crowded by colourful umbrellas and beach beds, during the night they turn into big 'outdoor clubs' with dancing, concerts, and free events of every kind and for any taste.

Along its streets, you will have the possibility to walk through little markets and by bright shopping windows, trendy pubs, restaurants with meat and fish specialties, musical entertainment and amusement.

Marina di Ravenna is also a renowned destination for sailors. The town namely hosts Marinara, the most important tourist port of the northern Adriatic, with 1,100 moorings and two outer dams that guarantee access also in case of bad weather conditions.

Don't miss

Marina di Ravenna is a city of countless experiences.

Leaving amusement and sporting activities aside, we recommend a walk along the wooden walkways spread across the beaches, which aim to protect the dunes in the name of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Moreover, you definitely should go for a walk along the outer dam, a 2.45 km-km pier directly into the sea that will make you feel relaxed and regenerated. Romantic people, however, can find some poetry by the port, waiting for the large commercial ships to dock.

On the table

The Mussels of Marina are one of the main local specialties: this kind of mussel is a true pearl of the Adriatic that proliferates a few kilometres off the coast and is celebrated every year with a big festival taking place at the beginning of summer.

Keeping fit

All the bathing establishments in Marina di Ravenna feature courts for beach volley, basketball, beach soccer, but mainly beach tennis (commonly called ʽracchettoniʼ), which is considered a ʽnational sportʼ in Ravenna.

The dense pine forest behind the dunes is much frequented by runners, bikers and sportspeople in general, who enjoy the refreshing canopy of the trees. The sailing schools are not missing either, offering even kitesurfing and paddle surfing lessons, but you can also choose a more relaxed canoe trip.

In the surroundings

A few kilometres from Marina, you cannot miss a visit to Ravenna with its churches and marvelous mosaics, declared Unesco World Heritage monuments.

The territory offers a wide range of opportunities, such as the natural oasis of the Pialassa della Baiona or the Pine forest of San Vitale, both part of the Po Delta Park. Moreover, it is just at a stone’s throw from the beautiful beaches of the Ravenna northern beach towns (CasalborsettiMarina Romea and Porto Corsini) and from the town of Comacchio.

Adventurers and diving lovers staying in Marina di Ravenna might enjoy a visit to the MAS - National Museum of Underwater Activities and the Paguro Platform, a reef 12 miles off the coast populated by rare species of animals and plants.

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