A weekend motorcycling in the Forlì Apennines

An adventure on two wheels in a breathtaking destination

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If you are a fan of adventure on two wheels and are looking for a breathtaking destination, the Forlì Apennines are the perfect place for an unforgettable motorcycle trip.

With picturesque landscapes, winding roads and a rich cultural history, the hinterland of Romagna offers a complete experience for two-wheelers, where every kilometre is a joy to the eyes.

The itinerary includes a few stops to sample local food and wine specialities and visit the many places along the route, curve by curve.

  • Length
    48 hours
  • Interests
    Motor Valley
  • Target
  • First stop - Rocca delle Caminate Meldola

    Your adventure starts in Forlì, a town with a rich history and unique charm. Load up your bikes and head into the surrounding hills towards San Martino in Strada.

    After 11 km you will arrive right at the foot of the imposing medieval fortress of Rocca delle Caminate, a hamlet of Meldola.

    The history dating back more than a thousand years makes it a touristic destination of great historical interest.

    The Fortress, now home to the Technopole, a place for university research and innovation enterprise, can be visited on weekends.

  • Second stop - Cusercoli Civitella di Romagna

    From Rocca delle Caminate go down the SP 126 to Meldola, turn right and take the SP 4 to Cusercoli, a hamlet in the municipality of Civitella di Romagna.

    This small mediaeval village in the Forlì Apennines is part of the “Romagna's castles and fortresses” circuit thanks to its fortified stronghold, which can be visited every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and during village festivals and fairs.

  • Third stop - Galeata Galeata

    Starting from Cusercoli, continue for 11 km along the SP 4 until you reach the centre of Galeata, a village of ancient origins, dominated by a mighty cliff.

    Already populated in prehistoric times, Galeata has two important archaeological sites: the first is located a few kilometres from the town centre and includes a sumptuous private villa, dating back to the 5th-6th centuries AD, allegedly the residence of the Goth King Theodoric; the second is the ancient Roman town of Mevaniola (in the Pianetto area) of which the theatre and baths can be admired.

    Also worth a visit is the 'Mons. D. Mambrini' Archaeological Civic Museum, founded in the early 20th century and recently set up in the evocative Convent of the Minor Fathers.

  • Fourth stop - Corniolo Santa Sofia

    Continuing along the SP 4, after about 6 km, you come to the village of Santa Sofia, one of the gateways to the great Casentino Forest National Park.

    Once entering the village and crossing the bridge, continue on the main road for another 13 km until you reach Corniolo. This small village consists of a few stone buildings with an ancient atmosphere, which are worth visiting. Among these is the Church of S. Pietro, dating back to around 1100, which houses valuable works of art inside, including a bas-relief from the 1500s made by the workshop of Giovanni della Robbia, a sculptor and ceramist of the Florentine Renaissance.

    Not far away, in Via della Madonna, stands the Madonna delle Grazie Oratory, which preserves a 15th-century fresco depicting the Virgin and Child.

    Just 3 km away, following the signs for Premilcuore, lies the Valbonella Botanical Garden: a 2 hectare protected area that reproduces the natural environments of the Romagna Apennines, within which there are 3 themed nature trails, dedicated respectively to the forest, the stream and the open meadow environments.

  • Fifth stop - Premilcuore Premilcuore

    After this little stop in the midst of nature, we set off again towards Premilcuore, travelling for 3.1 km along Via di Fiumicello, which, nestled in the foliage of the trees, opens up to the valley, offering marvellous scenery.

    Along the way, you can take a short break at one of the many equipped rest areas you come across, such as the "Tracollina" area, some of which are outfitted with barbecue stations.

  • Sixth stop - Muraglione Pass Portico e San Benedetto

    Staying on Fiumicello Street, we cross the hamlet and arrive at the intersection with the provincial road SS 9 ter.

    Then turn left for Valico Tre Faggi, intersect the SS 67, immediately turn right again and thus reach our new stop: the Muraglione Pass. 

    This well-known pass in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, a destination and mecca for every biker, owes its name to a massive 19th-century wall, built to protect travellers from the strong winds that could surprise them in the Apennines during their journeys.

    A stopover at the top of the pass is almost a must: this is where bikers from not only Romagna and Tuscany, but also from all over Italy and Europe cross paths. Here they gather to rest and refresh, sharing tales, experiences and new friendships.

  • Seventh stop - Monte Busca Portico e San Benedetto

    From the Muraglione Pass, proceed for a further 3.2 km along the SS 67 on the Romagna side, passing through Bocconi, where you can admire the Brusia waterfall. Turn left onto via Monte Busca for 5.3 km until you reach a clearing where you can park.

    Here, behind a ruined rural building, is the Monte Busca and its 'volcano', a methane burning fountain active since before the 16th century.

    The mountain dominates the entire valley and the view is really spectacular.

  • Eighth stop - Tredozio Tredozio

    From the summit of Mount Busca, descend towards Tredozio and drive along the SP 86 towards Lago di Ponte, located in one of the most natural and path-laden areas of the Casentino Forest National Park.

    This mirror of water was created artificially in 1962 and today is perfectly integrated into the natural landscape.

  • Ninth stop - Modigliana Modigliana

    Back on the SP 86 towards Tredozio, take the SP 20 for about 10 km towards Modigliana, a village of ancient origin in the hills of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines.

    Here you can admire the Fortress of the Counts Guidi, dating back to the 12th/13th century and still well preserved both in its highest structures, the towers, and in part of the walls made of river stones.

    Look at the map with directions.

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Information offices

Piazza Aurelio Saffi, 8 - Forlì (FC)
+39 0543 712362 + 39 0543 712450 iat@comune.forli.fc.it Opening: all year round
UIT Galeata/Pianetto
Via Borgo Pianetto, 18 - Galeata (FC)
+ 39 0543 981854 + 39 0543 975428 museomambrini@libero.it
Associazione Pro Loco di Santa Sofia
Via Nefetti, 3/G - Santa Sofia (FC)
+39 376 0352590 prolocossofia@gmail.com
UIT Premilcuore
Via Roma, 34 - Premilcuore (FC)
+39 0543 956540 +39 0543 956557 cv.premilcuore@parcoforestecasentinesi.it Opening: seasonal
Pro Loco Portico di Romagna
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 3 - Portico e San Benedetto (FC)
+ 39 348 2842066 prolocoportico@hotmail.it Opening: all year round
IAT di Modigliana
Piazza Matteotti, 6 - Modigliana (FC)
+ 39 0546 941019 turismo@comune.modigliana.fc.it Opening: all year round

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