In the Romagna Apennines riding an electric motorcycle

700 kilometers through hamlets and over spectacular mountain passes

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A 700-kilometer itinerary through the spectacular passes of the Apennines, to be traveled riding a fully electric zero-emission motorcycle.

An exciting circular route, which starts and ends in Rimini, which will allow you to discover the wonders of the area while enjoying the adrenaline and thrill that only a motorcycle is able to provide, plus the possibility of diving into the sounds of nature, given the silence that this two-wheeled vehicle can guarantee.

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
    Motor Valley
  • Target
  • Rimini Rimini

    The journey starts out from Rimini to arrive at Valmarecchia passing through its splendid villages.

    You first come across Verucchio, cradle of the Malatesta family but also, several centuries earlier, the center of the Villanovan civilization; then you reach the ancient village of San Leo.

    Spectacular capital of art, mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy, this locality is the fulcrum of Montefeltro, with an enviable historic center and a splendid fortress from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, along the Marecchia valley, and then on down to the sea.

  • Pennabilli Pennabilli

    After Carpegna, head towards the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Nature Park, stopping off at Pennabilli, a renowned center of environmental and cultural tourism.

    Of ancient origins and also praised by the great Tonino Guerra, the town hosts numerous "places of the soul" and owes its urban layout to the union of two ancient castles, that of the Billi on the Rupe rocky peak and that of Penna on the Roccione rocky peak.

    Furthermore, here it is also possible to recharge your motorcycle.

  • Bagno di Romagna Bagno di Romagna

    After crossing the Viamaggio Pass, which joins the Marecchia valley to the Tiberina valley, we arrive at Bagno di Romagna, the village of gnomes and spas, in the heart of Romagna-Tuscany.

    With the splendid surrounding nature of the Casentinesi Forest National Park and its network of villages and paths, Bagno di Romagna is the well-being location for every season, the place where spas, nature, culture and gastronomy intertwine to make every moment of the year an enjoyable one.

  • Brisighella Brisighella

    Starting out again from Bagno, we arrive first at the Passo dei Mandrioli, which, one after the other, is followed by the most epic parts that all Tuscan-Romagna motorcyclists have in their hearts: from the Passo dei Fangacci in the heart of the Camaldolese forest, to the Passo della Calla, up to the legendary Muraglione Pass, then the route goes through Tredozio and Modigliana, to then go on down to Brisighella.

    Brisighella is a charming town located at the foot of three gypsum pinnacles on which the 15th-century Rocca Manfrediana, the 19th-century Clock Tower and the 18th-century Monticino Sanctuary rest.

    It is an absolute must-do, while recharging your vehicle, to take a walk along the ancient Via del Borgo, better known as Via degli Asini due to the shelter it offered the animals of the birocciai (the cart-drivers), an elevated and covered road illuminated by arches of different widths.

  • Santa Sofia Santa Sofia

    We are in the heart of the Regional Park of the Vena del Gesso Romagna from which we continue on to arrive at the course of the Santerno river and follow it up to Castel del Rio, before reaching, by crossing the Apennines, Marradi, San Benedetto in Alpe and Corniolo, where it is possible to again recharge your motorcycle.

    Not far away we come across Santa Sofia, a town along the Bidente River Valley, which offers visitors particularly charming places from a naturalistic point of view, such as the Campigna forest and the artificial basin of the Ridracoli Dam, a small corner of paradise with numerous opportunities to take a leisurely break.

  • Santarcangelo di Romagna Santarcangelo di Romagna

    After passing over the Carnaio Pass, you reach Sarsina of Plauto, Perticara, Sogliano sul Rubicone and Santarcangelo di Romagna, an ancient medieval village located on the Via Emilia just 10 km from Rimini.

    Lying on Jupiter hill, the typical structure of a medieval fortified village that characterizes this locality is still well recognizable today which, for its architectural beauty consisting of noble buildings, bourgeois houses, alleys and squares, has been awarded the title of City of Art.

    A few kilometers more and our circular route ends, again in Rimini.

Last update 09/10/2023

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