Winter in Emilia-Romagna

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The snow season has arrived (hopefully) dear winter sports lovers...

But Emilia-Romagna has so much to offer you beyond the slopes!

Below are our recommendations for travelers who don't go into "hibernation" and don't limit themselves to a hot chocolate on the sofa with a blanket as the ultimate escape experience...

The colder season will allow you to visit the many places indoors dedicated to the many souls/passions of this land (from the excellent food and wine to the Engines, from the many hidden art treasures to the warm and regenerating spas): we are certain that you will not be disappointed.

Not to mention that, if you don't feel like hitting the road in bad weather, Emilia-Romagna, as always, is also easily reachable for a weekend getaway by plane.

All that remains is to decide the destination and the theme!

11 Cities of art
riches of treasures to be discovered with guided tours or by visiting the numerous exhibitions scheduled

To be combined with the numerous charming villages that during the Christmas holidays look like many nativity scenes, following even in the footsteps of Leonardo

17 Natural Parks
in which to immerse yourself for a break in contact with nature

Take advantage of the opportunity to fully experience them by practicing winter sports (cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing) in one of the many ski resorts or simply by walking. Regenerating is guaranteed!

24 Thermal establishments
20 locations located along the Via Emilia offer regenerating products, already appreciated in Roman times

Whatever your choice, always remember to taste the many quality products of the Food Valley, also discovering them through visits to the Food and Taste Museums and the Places of Taste.

Below is a selection of organized events and itineraries designed for this season!

We are waiting for you #inEmiliaRomagna!

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