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This spa town is located in the heart of Romagna, at about 2km from Bertinoro, and 10 km both from Forlì and Cesena, and not far from Cervia and Milano Marittima (roughly 25 km).

Well-known since ancient times, it is believed that Antenor and some of Aeneas’ comrades, returning from the Trojan war and having reached the Adriatic, established the first settlement in the place named Casticciano Fratta (today there is a street named Via Tro – Troy – which is likely to date from that time).

Why visit it

A 13-hectare park, seven springs rich in mineral salts, that you can also see while strolling around in the park, “exercise paths”, and also mud and spring water baths make Fratta the ideal location for relaxing holidays.

When to go and what to see

The best time to visit this spa town is spring or summer. The village boasts a modern Spa "Le Terme della Fratta" which offers therapeutic, aesthetic and wellbeing treatments.

The village has developed around the historic facilities, which have been recently renovated, and the park of the ancient Roman springs where visitors can have a walk and drink therapeutic water, for a relaxing and healthy stay.

The waters of Fratta flow from natural sources and ordinary and drilled wells, located along the Salso stream, 3 km from the Bertinoro hill. They are magnesium-rich, salso-iodic, sulphurous-arsenical-ferruginous waters. It has been ascertained that the Fratta waters were used during Roman times, as shown by the finds discovered in this area over time.

The thermal centre is currently closed until a date to be set.

On the table

The area is surrounded by a number of vineyards and wine producers which are part of the Route of Wines and Tastes of the Forlì-Cesena hills, which open their doors to the public for tours and tastings of excellent local wines, such as Albana, Trebbiano, Cagnina, Pagadebit and Sangiovese.

Having fun

A few years ago the Around Adventures Park was inaugurated inside the Spa area. It is the largest outdoor adventure park in Italy, featuring aerial and acrobatic itineraries, attractions for adults and children alike.

Significant appointments

Every year, in mid-May, the Spa Park is home to a traditional Strawberry Festival, where many stands sell the delicious fruit at production cost, but also strawberry-based cakes and cocktails, and display local organic wine and food products.

Information offices

UIT Bertinoro
Piazza della Libertà, 9 c - Bertinoro (FC)
+ 39 0543 469213 + 39 0543 444486 Opening: all year round

Last update 04/03/2024

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