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Ventasso is the result of the fusion of four historical Municipalities: Ramiseto, Busana, Collagna and Ligonchio, with the administrative seat in Cervarezza.

It occupies a large area between Enza and Secchia valleys, this area is part of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. 

There are various ways to reach Ventasso, because of its large extent: from Reggio Emilia or Parma you can take the provincial road 531 that runs from San Polo along the river Enza and goes up the valley, arriving at the Lagastrello Pass, point of connection with Tuscany; or you can take the SS 63 that leads from Reggio Emilia to the Cerreto Pass and then to Aulla, in Tuscany. 

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In Ventasso there are many places to visit, such as Lake Calamone: one of the most famous natural sites in this area, close to the ski resort of Ventasso Laghi.

The village of Ligonchio with its Central Enel built in Liberty style that, in addition to working perfectly, is also the home of an Atelier of Reggio Children, known worldwide in the field of pedagogy. 

Cerreto Laghi is a resort known both as a winter sports resort and for the beautiful walks that can be done both at high altitude and at the glacial lakes near the resort.

In addition to the historic villages, there are many CAI trails to walk or hike immersed in the nature and landscape of the Apennines, from the ridge to the valleys. The one that runs from the Terme di Santa Lucia to Cervarezza along the ridge of the Sparavalle is easy but beautiful: between Secchia and Lonza valleys, where there are also the astronomical observatory and the fort built by the army of Napoleon Bonaparte.

On the table

The villages in Ventasso are known for tasty food and traditional recipes that can be enjoyed in many restaurants, inns and lodges that attract fans of the gastronomic tradition and local products. 

For example: fried gnocco with cold cuts and cheeses, erbazzone, cappelletti, tortelli of potatoes or of herbs, polenta. These are very appreciated dishes, cooked with KM0 ingredients, and home-made pasta, local meats, cheeses, mushroom and chestnuts are ingredients that, in different seasons, make unforgettable lunches and dinners in this area.

Keeping fit

Cervarezza Thermal Baths, springs of sulphurous cold thermal water, are known for their respiratory, osteo-articular and dermatological treatments. 

Given the seasonal opening (from spring to autumn) it is recommended to check out the official website.

Many trails for trekking and mountain biking characterize the area of Ventasso, thanks to a network of CAI trails ranging from the peaks of the highest mountains (Cavalbianco, Nuda, Casarola, Ventasso) to the lowest altitudes, for example: Path of Ducati and Partisan Paths.

In winter the ski resorts of Ventasso Laghi and Cerreto Laghi offer the opportunity to ski, but also to do snowshoeing with guides and school camps for children. The surrounding lakes help to make the two locations ideal for walks, mountain biking and picnics in summertime.

The Cerwood Adventure Park is located in Cervarezza. It is the largest in Italy, with 25 different routes for children, teenagers and adults and more than 220 different games to have fun walking suspended in the air safely, immersed in a large beech forest. 

In the surroundings

The ancient villages of the “Valli dei Cavalieri”: the history of this area is linked to the Middle Ages and the noble families of Canossa, Vallisneri and Dalli. It has left traces in the architecture of the villages, which can be visited during a walk or a trip by car. The tower houses: buildings 3 floors high, with windows and portals in carved stone, and the narrow streets of the villages are dominated by vaults that create underpasses. Here are some of them: Cecciola, Montedello, Cereggio, Gazzolo, Nismozza, Vallisnera, Ca'Ferrari, Cinquecerri, Vaglie.

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