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Located in the inland of Ravenna, not far from the city centre, Sant’Alberto is a little town on the edges of the Comacchio Lagoons, perfectly inserted in the unblemished nature of the Po Delta Park

It’s a suggestive area to visit, mainly for the typical flora and fauna.

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The main attraction in Sant'Alberto is the Palazzone, built by the Estensi family in the first half of the 16th century as a military post. Today, it hosts the Museum NatuRA, a museum dedicated to natural science, entitled to the memory of ‘Alfredo Brandolini’, a naturalist from Ravenna of the beginning of the 20th century.
The museum displays the valuable ornithological collection donated by Brandolini himself and other artifacts donated over the years.

The museum is also a visitor centre of the Po Delta Park that organizes excursions on foot, by bike or on an electric bus, to discover the Lagoon of Comacchio, including the extraordinary Oasis of Boscoforte, populated by wild Camargue horses and overflown by flocks of flamingos.

Just outside Sant’Alberto, in Mandriole (heading towards Casalborsetti), the Fattoria Guiccioli is worth a visit, linked to the Italian Risorgimento and the death of Anita Garibaldi.


Gateway to the Po Delta Park, Sant’Alberto rises between green lands and vast valleys, only 27 km from the historical town of Comacchio.

The two towns are divided by the wide natural area of the Lagoon of Comacchio, a naturalistic site of extreme interest, declared wetland of international community importance, and special protected area for bird conservation.

Just 10 km away are the shores of the northern beach resorts of Ravenna (Casalborsetti, Marina Romea and Porto Corsini), and not much further the Unesco city of Ravenna.

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Ravenna (Tourist Information Office)
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Information Office and Visitor Center of the Po Delta Park
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