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Brisighella is located in the lower Lamone river valley, at the bottom of the Tuscan and Romagna Apennines, 12km away from Faenza, 40km from Ravenna and 85km from Florence. 

Why visit it

The ancient medieval borgo stands out for its calling to hospitality and green tourism and was awarded with the Touring Club “Orange flag”. It is certified as one of the “most Beautiful Villages” by Borghi d’Italia, as a “Slow City” and “City of Olive Oil and Wine”.

The high level of tourist services and the tranquility of the sites, merging history, artistic and cultural events and food&wine, make Brisighella the perfect town for an enjoyable stay, dedicated to wellness, self care and the discovery of emotions and nature. 

When to go and what to see

While every moment of the year is worth a visit to Brisighella, spring and autumn are surely a magical time in town. 

Brisighella stands on three gypsum pillars, which host the Manfredian Fortress (XV century), the Clock Tower (XIX century) and the Monticino Sactuary (XVII century). 

Brisighella is a maze of small alleyways, remains of ancient walls and gypsum stairs, leading up to the Old Via del Borgo, known as Donkey Way because of its role in hosting the animals. This evocative road is an elevated path, completely covered and integrated into the town architecture. 

There are many buildings linked to spirituality: San Giovanni in Ottavo Pieve (or Pieve del Thò) is a Romanesque basilica with three naves, dating back to the 7th century and restored between the 11th and 12th century.

A few kilometers away are Tanaccia Cave and Visitors Center Ca’ Carnè, representing some of the most interesting sites of the Gypsum Vein Regional Park.

An abundance of festivals and fairs celebrate the local produce, art, history and architecture peculiarities of the unchanged beauty of Brisighella.

On the table

Brisighella is the perfect place for foodies and wine lovers. 

The local excellence is DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “Brisighello”, “Brisighella” and the prized “Nobil Drupa”. 

An ancient local swine “Mora Romagnola” offers a taste of traditions through its special salami and flavoursome meats, while on the clay badlands,  the small and delicate Moretto Artichoke grows: have it raw in small slices, pickled or in a creamy delicacy.

Wine is another protagonist of this Romagna land: here are the highest qualities of Sangiovese DOC and Albana di Romagna – do not miss the passito version!

Having fun

Around Brisighella is the Visitors Center of the Regional Park of Gypsum Vein, a perfect site for visitors of all ages: a full calendar of events and excursions is offered there. There is the chance to stay overnight in the hostel, open to the evocative guided hikes by night in the park. 

Keeping fit

Many hiking trails go through this peculiar territory, giving the chance to experience the close relationship with nature that is so typical of this land. 

Significant appointments

The month of May celebrates the Moretto Artichoke with “Artichoke fest”: all round the town are local producers’ stands with tastings and markets. 

In summertime, “Romantic Brisighella” is a special chance for candle lit dinners in the street of the medieval town: exhibitions and musical entertainment create the perfect atmosphere for all lovers. 

November is the moment of “4 fests on 3 hills”. The first weekend celebrates traditional meat dishes with “Pork Fest”. On the second Sunday, Volpina Pears and aged cheese are the stars: these fruits are an ancient and almost forgotten produce of this land, taste it cooked or in combination with Brisighella cheese, Pecorino aged in gypsum caves. Moving on to the third week, it is time for Truffle Fest: a prized gourmet ingredient, to be tasted on locally made dishes or to take home. The varieties of “Autumn White” and black truffle are for sale at the market stands.

The last weekend is dedicated to olive oil with “Olive tree and oil fest”: the olive tree plantations date back to Roman times, when it was already celebrated and appreciated. This is the best time to taste “Brisighello”, PDO olive oil, and the refined “Nobil Drupa”. 

In the surroundings

Brisighella is located in the Lands of Faenza: this area perfectly embodies the culture and traditions of the people of Romagna. 
It is possible to go on a circular itinerary through the six municipalities making up the Faenza Lands: Faenza (km 13), ancient city of ceramics,
Riolo Terme (km 12), with thermal springs from gypsum rocks, 

Casola Valsenio (km 21) town of herbs and forgotten fruits, 
Brisighella itself, treasure chest of history, art and architecture

Castel Bolognese (km 16) where elegant bronze sculptures enrich city corners, 

and Solarolo (km 22), where the hills turn into flatlands.

Among Brisighella's districts are Fognano and San Cassiano.

The built-up area of ​​Fognano, the most important town in the municipality of Brisighella, stands on a deep cliff at the base of which the Lamone river flows. In the village, the Parish Church dedicated to St. Peter dating back to 1464 and the Monastery-College Emiliani founded in 1822 are worth a visit. 

Every year in July the streets of Fognano come alive with characteristic gastronomic and folkloric stands on the occasion of the traditional village festival "A tutto festa Fognano". 

San Cassiano instead is a small agricultural center which is about 10 km from Brisighella. The inhabited area is dominated by the ruins of the homonymous castle which stands on the hill above and which has also marked its history. 

In October, the small Polenta Festival is held in the small hamlet: a traditional festival where you can taste polenta with various condiments.

Information offices

Ufficio Turistico Brisighella
Via Naldi, 2 - Brisighella (RA)
+ 39 0546 81166 + 39 0546 81166 Opening: seasonal

Last update 03/04/2024

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