Emilia-Romagna’s Amusement Parks

Experience thrills in Emilia-Romagna’s amusement parks

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The Adriatic Riviera is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to spend a holiday with your children. Alongside the many activities that can be done along the golden beaches or in the neighbouring inland areas, from Ravenna to Cattolica, there are 11 parks and attractions that distinguish this area as the largest amusement “ecosystem” in Europe.

Perfect for families and groups of friends, but also for those who are always looking for something new and stimulating, the parks are pleasant, interesting, educational areas, where visitors can spend days full of joy and amazement.

Starting with Mirabilandia, you can explore the countless attractions of what is the largest amusement park in Italy. Then, there are the wild animals in the Safari Ravenna zoological park, or why not immerse yourself in the colourful world of the Butterfly House in Cervia or in the charming natural environment of the Salt Pans, populated by rare species, such as the world-famous pink flamingo.

In Rimini, at Italy in Miniature, you can take a tour around the most famous monuments in Europe or, at the seashore, you can climb to the top of the great Panoramic Ferris Wheel, which will allow visitors to take in the entire Riviera in a single glance.

Yet, the surprises do not end here. If the magic of Fiabilandia enchants the little ones, the thrilling water slides of Aquafan and Atlantica, the aquatic animals of Oltremare and the spectacular underwater world of the Aquarium of Cattolica leave even the oldest among us breathless.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

Last update 14/06/2024
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