Snowshoeing in Emilia-Romagna

A unique experience of discovering the mountains of Emilia-Romagna with snowshoes

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Short, wide, long and narrow, snowshoes are one of the many possibilities available to enjoy the beauty of the Emilia-Romagna Apennines, surrounded by unspoiled and silent nature.

Walking at a slow pace on the snow is an alternative and sustainable way to interact with mountain landscapes and get in close contact with them.

A fun experience especially if we want an alternative to traditional winter sports that both adults and children can share together.

Snowshoeing does not require particular motor skills, with the exception of the fact that compared to a simple hike it involves a greater expenditure of energy. However, it is essential to be motivated by a pinch of healthy curiosity and adventure towards nature.

The mountainous areas of Emilia-Romagna are the ideal place for this type of activity. From Piacenza to Monte Carpegna, the Apennine belt is characterized by a diversified landscape, rich in wooded areas and well-marked paths.

In the Piacenza area, the area around the Passo Penice and Prato Grande area is recommended, where the Pro Loco di Ferriere offers interesting trails on the snow every year, even at night.

If you move further south and reach the Parma Apennines, those who love walking on foot on the snow can try their hand at some suggestive excursions among glacial lakes and enchanted forests.

Here Corniglio, Monchio delle Corti, Tizzano Val Parma and Borgo Val di Taro are among the ideal places to discover the ridge between Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Liguria.

However, the Reggio Emilia Apennines are perhaps the mountainous territory of the whole region that reserves the most surprises for those who love snowshoeing. Here you have a rich panorama made up of valleys and mountainous reliefs that separate Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

Guided tours are organized every weekend in the most evocative places in the area, such as those on Mount Cusna, in Val Dolo, in Cerreto Laghi, in Ventasso Laghi and Pratizzano. In these cases, the more prepared can also rent snowshoes and move in total autonomy.

In the area of ​​the Regional Park of the Upper Modenese Apennines, Sestola, Fiumalbo, Pievepelago, Piane di Macogno and Frassinoro are perfect places from which to set out to venture into the woods and valleys of the Cimone district.

Another important destination is Fanano, where between the Ospitale and Fellicarolo valleys there are various itineraries to try your hand at, guided or independently.

Further south, Lizzano in Belvedere is the gateway to the Bolognese Apennines and to the entire Corno alle Scale Regional Park with wonderful winter walks.

Lastly, the landscapes of the Casentinesi Forests National Park, Monte Falterona and Campigna, on the border between Tuscany and Romagna, are capable of offering unforgettable moments surrounded by the white and cold winter blanket.

Here from Passo Calla to Monte Falco, from Passo Peschiera to that of Valbura, from Muraglione to Monte Busca, there are many places on the Tuscan-Romagna ridge where you can try adventurous walks with snowshoes.

Same thing for the area of ​​Monte Fumaiolo and the Simone and Simoncello Park with many paths and excursions organized by local associations.

Last update 22/10/2023
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